Why use ISEA Apps?

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology has continued to progress over the years in leaps and bounds. Usage of mobile applications has increased tremendously contributing to the growth in many sectors. This new wave of software tools allows organisations to streamline their processes and provide their employees with the ability to do their work faster and more efficiently. Medical, Aviation, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and many more industries are now able to leverage the progression of mobile technology for their auditing and reporting process (tracking, trend analysis, storing data and performance reports).

The Benefits

1) Real-Time Data

Using the ISEA App with real time-results provides immediate feedback and up to date information with easy access to data. Auditees will reduce their delay by less time wasted on reviewing and analysing tonnes of documents to ensure quicker response times.

  • Problems that need immediate attention can be addressed faster
  • Results are automatically uploaded and available for real-time analysis
  • The ability to identify and act on corrective actions immediately
  • Improves transparency within the auditing team
2) Time Efficiency

Research shows that on average an excess 40% of time is wasted on documenting and reviewing work, papers and preparing reports. In fact more than $37 Billion is wasted every year due to unnecessary meetings miscommunication in paperwork.

Collecting, reviewing and analysing data is a heavy load to carry. Using the ISEA App will reduce these times by more than half and help maximize efficiency by reducing the possibilities of human error.

  • Eliminating wasted time and providing more detailed results
  • One-stop centre for completing, reviewing and reporting
  • Enhancing the quality of your data and making issue resolution easier
  • Reducing implementation times of changing regulatory requirements
3) Paperless

Lighten your workload by using the ISEA App. You will never again have to worry about the stacks of papers you will have to keep track of or the storage space to file all your documents. Be environmentally friendly and minimize the usage of paper in your organisation.

  • Reduce paper waste and shipping cost
  • Reduce your workplace storage and filing system
  • Create an organisation thatís environmentally friendly
  • Increase productivity and response times
4) Customisable

Customisable to every industries needs and requirements, we provide you with the whole package. We can customise our application to your specific organisation and ensure that all the information you require is available at your fingertips.

  • The ISEA app will allow you to bespoke auditing for your industry
  • Customised the application interface design for your company
5) User Friendly

Auditing at your fingertips. Our interface design is easy-to-use and interactive, customisable to your requirements. We further provide smart devices with intrinsically safe covers which will allow them to be used in areas of flammable gas or fuels so you can use the ISEA App on site.

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6) Multiple Features

The ISEA App will constantly be updating our applications features to improve usability.

Check out our current features below:


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