At Azimuth ISEA, we use the power of communications to improve public health, protect the environment, advance social equality and embed safety into the culture of the community. With over eight years of experience behind us, we are internationally recognised for our ability to deliver solutions using distinctive and universal medium of technologies.

Our skilled and experienced team, made up of specialists in their field such as safety professionals, engineers, and communication experts are focused on understanding you specific needs. We provide our customers with an effective product that is tailored to meet the challenges of your business.


Our services are underpinned by in-depth knowledge of social and environmental issues and expert insight into audiences who are influential or difficult to reach. We have worked with blue-chip industry leaders in the oil, gas and petroleum industry, helping to provide simple and effective solutions for complex safety issues.

With cutting edge state-of-the-art solutions, utilising the latest in new media, our products have gained acceptance within the domestic and international market.


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